Introduction to the young-audience / Family shows

This quintet certainly knows how to excite the curiosity of youths of all ages, from elementary-school kids to secondary-school teens, heightening their interest and their understanding of music with shows that are as entertaining as they are educational.

A teacher’s manual accompanies each of the shows. It allows teachers to first prepare the students for the show’s theme, and then serves as a guide to review with students what they have learned.

55 minutes

Elementary schools – from third grade (7-year-olds and up)
Secondary schools
Families (5-year-olds and up)

300 in a gymnasium / 500 in an auditorium

60 minutes

15 minutes

W 24’ x D 24’ x H 12’

Lighting plan provided / Microphones required according to the size of the venue


1. ClassCircus

Brass quintet

Buzz Brass is back with a new Big Top show. Buzz’s quintet of brilliant brass musicians has adopted the circus as a means of introducing a young audience to classical music, with a special Buzz twist.

Imagine! The musicians arrive on stage and play stirring music to get the spectators fired up. All the traditional props are there: juggler’s balls, a magician’s wand, a tightrope, a clown’s wardrobe, props for the circus strong man, a lion’s cage and even a cannon for the human cannonball. But there are no circus artists in sight! They’ve deserted the circus, leaving the musicians to their fate. A murmur runs through the audience.

So the musicians of the brass quintet take on different roles, in place of the artists who are absent, with hilarious results. Since the quintet’s members are all natural-born fools, they take to clowning easily. You get the idea. They also play impeccably, along with a sound track that contains special and musical effects. Buzz plays (live of course!) off both to stunning effect, and with more than a bit of humor. Yes, the show must go on. And with Buzz, what a show!

2. The History of Music

Brass quintet and actor

The History of Music is a fabulous theatrical odyssey that travels through space and time at a thrilling tempo to explore the music of the Western world from pre-historic times to the present day. The show is bursting with energy and combines astounding originality with extraordinary musicianship along with a brassy humour all its own.

In The History of Music, an actor helps create the complicity between Buzz’s five musicians and the audience. From the outset to the very end, all find themselves captivated by the rich and colourful theatrical staging that is perfectly integrated with the music. And everything is entirely performed from memory—no music stands in sight to hinder the spontaneity! Winner of numerous awards, this show has been presented over 550 times since its first production in 2004.


“The show was entertaining, educational and of very high artistic quality. I have taught music for all ages, in all kinds of schools and in several countries over a 33-year career. I have never seen a performance to equal yours!”
Deborah Mehes, Len Wood Middle School, Armstrong, BC

“Our staff thought it was the best school performance they had seen in decades! Kids came home from Hillcrest raving about the performance.”
Hillcrest Elementary, Salmon Arm, BC

“The students just loved it so much, they gave a standing ovation—which is a first for me in 30 years of music teaching. It’s the best show I have ever seen in a school. Your show is of excellent musical and pedagogical quality. What a treat for the ears and eyes. To you I therefore say Bravo! Bravo! and yet again Bravo!”
Carmen Major, Le Prélude school, Orleans, ON

“I wish to congratulate you on your excellent performance, the exactness of which truly impressed me. It’s good to see a school show that displays so much rigour! Bravo!”
Karine Desmeules, mom, Rimouski, QC

“The performance was engaging, educational and entertaining—one of the best I’ve seen in my 13 years of attending our Young People’s Concert Series.”
Carrie Lee, Chaffey-Burke Elementary School, Burnaby, BC

“I’ve been seeing shows in schools for at least 10 years and this one, by far, is the best!”
Valérie Bronsard, Anne-Hébert school, Vancouver, BC

“You managed to get and to keep the attention of all the students, which is something of a miracle for a clientele of such a wide-ranging age, namely from kindergarten to 4th year secondary. The students were fascinated! You earned yourselves the first standing ovation ever given to a show presented at our school.”
Sophie Lemieux, André-Piolat school, North Vancouver, BC

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The History of Music

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