BUZZ [ b ʌ z ] n. – 2002; onomat. ◆1 Excitement. ◆2 Sound produced by vibrating the lips regularly around their equilibrium position. [See vibrate] ◆3 Brass quintet consisting of two trumpets, horn, trombone and bass trombone, offering chamber music concerts, young-audience shows, symphonic matinées and albums.

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Buzz Brass Returning to China.Following a first four-concert tour of China where the Montreal brass quintet notably performed in Beijing’s prestigious National Center for the Performing Arts and in Xiamen’s Gulangyu Concert Hall last April, Buzz is returning to China this September.The […]
Very enthusiastically, we present you with Buzz’s brand new Web site! Through it, we wish to get you to rediscover the scope and the diversity of our artistic projects.It is a new page that is here being written as our quintet links up with a new business partner, Chocolat Média, with whom […]